If you spend a lot of time in your car, you understand the importance of having the right accessories to make your experience more enjoyable, convenient, and safe. Whether you're a busy parent shuttling kids to activities, a commuter with a long drive to work, or someone who loves road trips, having the best car accessories can significantly improve your time on the road.

To help you find the best car accessories out there, we've put together a list of 37 must-have items available on Amazon, all of which have been reviewed and recommended by experts at Good Housekeeping. From safety and organization to entertainment and comfort, these accessories are designed to enhance every aspect of your driving experience.

Safety Accessories

1. Rearview Backup Camera

A rearview backup camera is an essential safety feature that can prevent accidents by improving your visibility when backing up. Look for a model with HD resolution and night vision for the best results.

2. Emergency Escape Tool

In the event of an emergency, an escape tool can save lives by quickly cutting through seatbelts and breaking car windows. Look for a compact and easy-to-use tool that you can keep within reach at all times.

3. Portable Jump Starter

A portable jump starter is a helpful accessory to have in case your car battery dies. Ensure that the jump starter has enough power to start your vehicle and that it's easy to use.

4. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A TPMS can alert you when your tires are underinflated, helping you avoid potential blowouts and accidents. Look for a system that is easy to install and provides accurate pressure readings.

5. First Aid Kit

Every car should have a first aid kit in case of minor accidents or injuries. Look for a comprehensive kit that includes supplies for wound care, burns, and basic first aid.

Car Organization

6. Car Trunk Organizer

A car trunk organizer can keep your groceries, sports equipment, and other items from rolling around in the back of your car. Look for a durable and adjustable organizer that can easily fit your trunk space.

7. Car Seat Gap Filler

A car seat gap filler can prevent small items from falling into the gap between your car seats, which can be difficult to retrieve. Look for a slim and flexible filler that fits most car models.

8. Car Console Organizer

A car console organizer can keep your essentials, such as your phone, sunglasses, and coins, neatly stored and easily accessible while driving. Look for an organizer that fits securely in your car's center console.

9. Car Trash Can

A car trash can is a convenient accessory for keeping your car clean and organized. Look for a leakproof and easy-to-empty trash can that can be securely attached to your car interior.

Entertainment Accessories

10. Car Phone Holder

A good car phone holder can keep your phone secure and easily accessible while driving. Look for a holder that allows for adjustable viewing angles and secure mounting.

11. Car DVD Player

A car DVD player is a great way to keep passengers entertained on long car rides. Look for a player with a high-resolution screen and compatibility with various media formats.

12. Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

A car Wi-Fi hotspot can provide internet connectivity for passengers and can be especially useful for work trips or keeping kids entertained. Look for a hotspot that offers fast and reliable connectivity.

13. Car Tablet Holder

A tablet holder can provide a hands-free entertainment solution for passengers, allowing them to watch movies or play games while on the road. Look for a stable and adjustable holder that can accommodate various tablet sizes.

Comfort and Convenience

14. Car Seat Cushion

A car seat cushion can provide extra support and comfort for long drives. Look for a cushion that is ergonomically designed and provides adequate lumbar support.

15. Heated Car Blanket

A heated car blanket can keep you warm during winter road trips. Look for a blanket with adjustable temperature settings and a long power cord for easy use in the car.

16. Car Cooler and Warmer

A car cooler and warmer can keep drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature during road trips. Look for a portable and energy-efficient cooler/warmer that can be easily plugged into your car's power outlet.

17. Car Air Purifier

A car air purifier can improve air quality in your car, reducing odors, allergens, and pollutants. Look for a purifier that effectively removes particles and has a low noise level.

Cleaning and Maintenance

18. Car Vacuum Cleaner

A car vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping your car interior clean and free of dust and debris. Look for a compact and powerful vacuum with attachments for reaching tight spaces.

19. Car Wash Kit

A car wash kit can include everything you need to keep your car clean and shiny, including soap, wax, and microfiber towels. Look for a kit with high-quality, gentle cleaning products.

20. Portable Tire Inflator

A portable tire inflator can help you maintain proper tire pressure, improving fuel efficiency and safety. Look for a lightweight and easy-to-use inflator that can be powered by your car's power outlet.

21. Windshield Sun Shade

A windshield sun shade can protect your car's interior from sun damage and keep it cooler on hot days. Look for a shade that is easy to install and provides a custom fit for your windshield.

Tech Upgrades

22. Bluetooth Car Adapter

A Bluetooth car adapter can provide wireless connectivity for streaming music and hands-free calling in older car models. Look for an adapter that is easy to set up and offers reliable Bluetooth connectivity.

23. Key Finder

A key finder can help you locate your car keys quickly and easily when they're misplaced. Look for a compact and reliable finder that can be easily attached to your keychain.

24. Dash Cam

A dash cam can record footage of your drives, providing valuable evidence in case of accidents or incidents. Look for a high-resolution camera with a wide-angle lens and reliable recording capabilities.

25. Car Alarm System

A car alarm system can provide added security for your vehicle, deterring theft and break-ins. Look for a system with a loud siren and remote key fob for easy arming and disarming.

Exterior Accessories

26. Roof Rack

A roof rack can provide additional storage space for luggage, bikes, or outdoor gear, especially for road trips and outdoor adventures. Look for a durable and easy-to-install rack that fits your specific vehicle.

27. Car Cover

A car cover can protect your vehicle from dirt, dust, and weather damage when parked outdoors. Look for a cover that provides a snug fit and is made from durable and weather-resistant materials.

28. Magnetic Phone Mount for Car

A magnetic phone mount can provide a secure and convenient way to mount your phone in your car. Look for a mount that offers strong magnetic hold and easy installation on your car's dashboard or vents.

29. LED Headlight Bulbs

LED headlight bulbs can provide brighter and more energy-efficient lighting for improved visibility and safety. Look for bulbs that are compatible with your vehicle's make and model and are easy to install.

Kids and Pets

30. Car Window Sun Shades

Car window sun shades can protect kids and pets from harmful UV rays and keep the car interior cooler. Look for shades that are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit different window sizes.

31. Pet Car Seat Cover

A pet car seat cover can protect your car's upholstery from pet hair, dirt, and scratches. Look for a cover that is waterproof and easy to install and clean.

32. Child Car Mirror

A child car mirror can allow you to keep an eye on your rear-facing baby or toddler while driving. Look for a mirror that is shatterproof and offers a clear and adjustable view of your child.

33. Car Seat Protector

A car seat protector can prevent spills, crumbs, and stains from damaging your car's upholstery. Look for a durable and easy-to-clean protector that securely attaches to your car seat.

Miscellaneous Accessories

34. Car Escape Window Breaker

A car escape window breaker can provide a quick and effective way to break car windows in emergency situations. Look for a tool that is compact, easy to use, and can be kept within easy reach.

35. Car Glove Box Organizer

A car glove box organizer can keep your important documents and essentials neatly organized and accessible. Look for a sturdy and compact organizer that fits in your glove box securely.

36. Car Seat Back Organizer

A car seat back organizer can keep your kids' toys, snacks, and other essentials organized and within easy reach during car rides. Look for an organizer with multiple storage pockets and adjustable straps for easy installation.

37. Car Maintenance Log Book

A car maintenance log book can help you keep track of your vehicle's service history, repairs, and maintenance schedules. Look for a log book with organized sections for recording important details about your car's care.


With the right car accessories, you can make your time on the road more comfortable, organized, and safe. Whether you're looking to enhance your car's safety features, keep it clean and organized, entertain passengers, or upgrade its tech capabilities, there are plenty of options available on Amazon to meet your needs.

The 37 must-have car accessories listed above have been carefully selected and reviewed by experts at Good Housekeeping. From safety and organization to entertainment and comfort, these accessories are designed to enhance every aspect of your driving experience. So go ahead, explore the options, and find the best accessories to elevate your time on the road.

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