The student-led Chem-E Car Design Team from Missouri University of Science and Technology recently emerged victorious at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Midwest Regional Conference. The event, which took place in Lawrence, Kansas, saw the team showcase their innovative car design and compete against other universities from the region.

The Chem-E Car Design Team

The Chem-E Car Design Team is comprised of passionate and dedicated students from Missouri S&T's Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department. The team's primary focus is to design, build, and compete with a small, shoebox-sized car powered by a chemical reaction.

Led by faculty advisor Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, the team is made up of students from various academic levels, from freshmen to seniors, all of whom contribute their unique skills and knowledge to the project. The team participates in regional and national competitions, where they compete against other universities in a series of challenges that test their car's performance and reliability.

The Competition

The AIChE Midwest Regional Conference's Chem-E Car Competition is a highly anticipated event that attracts teams from universities across the region. The teams are tasked with designing and building a car powered by a chemical reaction, with the goal of precisely controlling the car's distance traveled. The competition consists of two parts: a poster presentation where teams showcase their design process, and the actual race where the cars are put to the test.

At the recent competition in Lawrence, Kansas, the Missouri S&T team brought their A-game, impressing the judges and their competitors with their innovative car design and technical expertise. After presenting their poster and demonstrating their car's performance in the race, the team emerged as the clear winners, showcasing their exceptional skills and dedication to the project.

The victory at the regional competition has not only brought recognition to the team but has also solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Chem-E Car design.

The Winning Design

The Chem-E Car Design Team from Missouri S&T credits their success to their winning car design, which was the result of months of hard work and innovation. The team's car is powered by a unique chemical reaction that allows them to precisely control the car's distance traveled.

The design process involved extensive research, experimentation, and testing to ensure that the car's performance met the competition's requirements. The team leveraged their knowledge of chemical processes and engineering principles to create a car that not only met the competition's criteria but also stood out for its innovative approach and reliability.

The winning design reflects the team's dedication to excellence and their ability to apply their academic knowledge to real-world challenges. The team's success at the regional competition is a testament to their hard work, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Next Steps

Following their victory at the regional competition, the Chem-E Car Design Team from Missouri S&T is setting their sights on the next challenge. The team is gearing up to compete in the AIChE National Conference, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their car on a larger stage and compete against top teams from universities across the country.

The team is already hard at work, fine-tuning their car's design, conducting additional testing, and refining their strategy for the national competition. With their recent success serving as motivation, the team is eager to represent Missouri S&T and showcase the depth of their skills and expertise on a national level.

Impact on Students

The Chem-E Car Design Team's success extends beyond their victory at the regional competition. The experience has provided the students with valuable practical skills, hands-on experience, and a deeper understanding of chemical engineering principles.

Participation in the design and competition process has allowed the students to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world project, enhancing their understanding of chemical reactions, engineering design, and project management. The hands-on nature of the project has also fostered a spirit of collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation among the team members.

Moreover, the students' involvement in the competition has provided them with the opportunity to network with professionals in their field, gain insights into industry trends, and develop important skills such as presentation, communication, and teamwork. The experience will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on their academic and professional development.

Faculty Advisor's Perspective

Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, the faculty advisor for the Chem-E Car Design Team, commended the team for their dedication and success at the regional competition. She emphasized the importance of hands-on experience in shaping students' understanding of engineering principles and preparing them for the challenges they will face in their careers.

According to Dr. Bryant-Friedrich, the Chem-E Car Design Team's success is a testament to the strength of Missouri S&T's chemical and biochemical engineering program and the dedication of its students. She highlighted the importance of experiential learning opportunities that allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges, citing the team's achievement as a prime example of the university's commitment to providing a comprehensive and impactful education.

Dr. Bryant-Friedrich also expressed her confidence in the team's ability to excel at the national competition, citing their passion, skills, and determination as the driving forces behind their success. She affirmed her commitment to supporting the team as they prepare for the next stage of the competition and expressed her pride in their achievements.


The Chem-E Car Design Team from Missouri S&T's recent victory at the AIChE Midwest Regional Conference is a testament to their exceptional skills, innovation, and dedication. The team's winning design, built through months of hard work and research, has brought recognition to the university and solidified their position as a leader in the world of Chem-E Car design.

The impact of the team's success extends beyond their victory, providing valuable practical experience, hands-on learning, and professional development opportunities for the students involved. The faculty advisor, Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, has highlighted the significance of experiential learning and its role in preparing students for their future careers.

As the team prepares to compete at the national level, their recent success serves as a testament to the strength of Missouri S&T's chemical and biochemical engineering program and its commitment to promoting hands-on, collaborative learning experiences.

The Chem-E Car Design Team's victory is not just a reflection of their technical excellence, but also a testament to their teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and passion for innovation. As they gear up for the national competition, the team is poised to continue making their mark and representing Missouri S&T with pride.

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