Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has taken to social media to denounce a recent report by Reuters that claimed the company had scrapped plans for a low-cost electric vehicle. In a tweet, Musk accused the news agency of "lying" and asserted that the plan for a more affordable Tesla vehicle was still very much a part of the company's strategy.

The Reuters report, which was published on Tuesday, cited anonymous sources familiar with the matter and claimed that Tesla had halted plans to develop a low-cost electric car due to concerns about profitability. According to the report, the decision to abandon the project came after Musk and other top executives expressed doubts about the feasibility of producing a mass-market electric vehicle at a low enough cost to compete with traditional gasoline-powered cars.

Musk's swift and unequivocal denial of the Reuters report came as a surprise to many, but it is not the first time that the outspoken CEO has used social media to challenge the accuracy of news coverage about Tesla. Musk has a history of using Twitter to directly address reports that he believes contain inaccuracies or misrepresentations of the company's plans and activities.

While Musk's confrontational approach to media coverage has stirred controversy, it also reflects a broader trend in which high-profile executives and public figures, particularly in the tech industry, have increasingly turned to social media platforms to bypass traditional journalistic outlets and communicate directly with the public.

In this article, we will examine the details of the Reuters report, Musk's response, and the broader implications of this clash between Tesla and the media.

The Reuters report

The Reuters report, which was based on information from unnamed sources, claimed that Tesla had put on hold plans to develop a low-cost electric vehicle. The sources cited by Reuters alleged that Tesla's leadership had raised concerns about the prospect of turning a profit on a mass-market electric car, leading the company to pivot away from the idea.

The report cited internal discussions at Tesla in which Musk and other executives reportedly debated the challenges of producing a low-cost electric car that could compete with traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. According to the sources, these discussions ultimately led to a decision to shelve the low-cost car project.

Reuters' report immediately garnered attention from both investors and industry observers, as the prospect of a more affordable Tesla vehicle has been a topic of intense interest for years. Many analysts and industry insiders have viewed the development of a low-cost electric car as crucial to Tesla's long-term growth and its ability to expand its market share beyond wealthy and environmentally conscious consumers.

Musk's response

Elon Musk wasted no time in challenging the accuracy of the Reuters report. In a tweet, Musk accused the news agency of "lying" and asserted that Tesla had not abandoned its plans for a low-cost car. He went on to state that a more affordable Tesla vehicle was still in the works and that the company's goal was to make electric cars accessible to a broader segment of the population.

Musk's forceful denial of the Reuters report immediately set off a flurry of reactions on social media and in the financial community. Some observers applauded Musk for directly addressing what he deemed to be inaccurate reporting, while others expressed skepticism about the lack of official confirmation from Tesla regarding its plans for a low-cost car.

The broader context

The clash between Tesla and Reuters is emblematic of a broader trend in which high-profile executives and public figures are increasingly using social media to challenge the accuracy and fairness of news coverage. Musk, in particular, is known for his unfiltered and confrontational approach to addressing media reports that he perceives as inaccurate or misleading.

While some observers have criticized Musk for his combative stance toward the media, others argue that his direct engagement with the public via social media can serve as a valuable check on the power and influence of traditional news outlets. In an era of misinformation and polarized media coverage, direct communication from public figures can help to provide clarity and transparency on important issues.

At the same time, the prevalence of social media as a platform for shaping public discourse raises questions about the reliability and accountability of information shared by influential figures. The lack of editorial oversight and fact-checking on social media can make it difficult for the public to discern the truth amidst a barrage of conflicting claims and narratives.

For Tesla, the clash with Reuters raises broader questions about the company's strategic direction and its efforts to bring electric vehicles to a wider audience. The development of a more affordable Tesla car has been a long-standing goal for the company, and any indication that these plans are being scaled back or abandoned could have significant implications for Tesla's future growth prospects.


The dispute between Elon Musk and Reuters over the reporting of Tesla's low-cost car plans highlights the challenges and complexities of modern media coverage and public communication. In an era of intense competition for attention and influence, public figures and companies often face the difficult task of navigating conflicting narratives and ensuring the accuracy of information that reaches the public.

For Tesla, the development of a low-cost electric car remains a critical part of its long-term strategy, and any uncertainty or confusion surrounding these plans can have real implications for the company's market position and future prospects. As Elon Musk continues to use social media as a platform for directly engaging with the public and challenging media reports, the broader implications of this approach for the media landscape and public discourse will continue to be a subject of intense scrutiny and debate.

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