PREMA Racing, the Italian racing team with a rich history of success in various motorsport disciplines, has officially confirmed its entry into the NTT IndyCar Series for the 2025 season. The team, known for its expertise in single-seater racing, has announced that it will field a two-car effort in the highly competitive American open-wheel championship, marking the first time the team will compete in IndyCar.

This milestone announcement comes after months of speculation about PREMA Racing's potential involvement in IndyCar, and its decision to take the plunge reaffirms the series' status as a global platform for top-tier racing teams and drivers. With a track record of achievements in European categories such as Formula 2, Formula 3, and Formula 4, PREMA Racing's expansion into IndyCar is anticipated to inject a new level of excitement and competition into the series.

A Bold Step into American Open-Wheel Racing

The decision to enter IndyCar signals PREMA Racing's ambition to conquer new frontiers and establish a strong presence in the United States. The team has long been regarded as a breeding ground for future Formula 1 stars, having nurtured the talents of current F1 drivers like Charles Leclerc and Mick Schumacher.

Team Principal Rene Rosin expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture, citing IndyCar's competitive environment and passionate fan base as key factors in the team's decision to join the series. "We are thrilled to announce our entry into the NTT IndyCar Series for the 2025 season. It's a significant moment for PREMA Racing as we step into the world of American open-wheel racing. The series has a long-standing tradition of delivering exhilarating racing and showcasing top-tier talent, and we believe it presents an exciting challenge for our team," said Rosin.

The announcement also underscores PREMA Racing's commitment to diversifying its racing portfolio and building on its legacy of success. By expanding its operations to include a presence in IndyCar, the team aims to further solidify its position as a powerhouse in international motorsport and attract a broader audience of motorsport enthusiasts.

Two-Car Effort and Driver Line-Up

As part of its foray into IndyCar, PREMA Racing will field a two-car effort for the 2025 season, signaling the team's intent to make an immediate impact in the series. The decision to enter with a multi-car lineup reflects the team's confidence in its ability to compete at the highest level and contend for race wins and championships.

While the team has yet to announce its driver lineup for the 2025 season, speculation has been rife about the potential candidates who could join the PREMA Racing roster. As a team known for nurturing young talent and providing a platform for emerging drivers to showcase their skills, the prospect of seeing new faces in the cockpit of PREMA Racing's IndyCar entries has generated significant excitement within the motorsport community.

Technical Development and Resources

In preparation for its IndyCar debut, PREMA Racing has outlined plans to establish a dedicated technical and operational infrastructure to support its foray into American open-wheel racing. The team is expected to draw upon its extensive experience in single-seater competition to develop a competitive package capable of challenging the established contenders in IndyCar.

With a focus on maximizing performance and efficiency, PREMA Racing aims to leverage its engineering expertise and resources to ensure that its IndyCar program is positioned for success from the outset. This commitment to technical development underscores the team's determination to make a seamless transition into the ultra-competitive world of IndyCar, where the margin for error is minimal, and the pursuit of excellence is paramount.

Partnership Opportunities and Commercial Outlook

PREMA Racing's entry into IndyCar also presents an array of partnership opportunities for brands seeking to align themselves with a high-profile racing team. The team's expansion into the United States offers sponsors and partners an enticing platform to engage with a diverse and enthusiastic fan base, leveraging the global appeal of IndyCar to maximize their brand exposure and commercial returns.

As the team finalizes its plans for the 2025 season, the announcement of key partnerships and affiliations is expected to be a focal point of interest for both the motorsport industry and potential sponsors. With its track record of success and its commitment to excellence, PREMA Racing is well-positioned to offer valuable collaboration opportunities to partners eager to capitalize on the visibility and impact of IndyCar racing.

Impact on the NTT IndyCar Series

PREMA Racing's entry into the NTT IndyCar Series is poised to inject a fresh dynamic into the championship, with the team's arrival likely to raise the level of competition and further elevate the series' standing within the wider motorsport landscape. The addition of a respected international team brings new perspectives and approaches to the grid, enhancing the depth and diversity of talent in IndyCar.

The prospect of witnessing established European racing expertise blend with the unique challenges of American open-wheel competition is certain to captivate fans and industry stakeholders alike, as the convergence of different racing cultures and philosophies promises to create compelling storylines and on-track battles. Moreover, the arrival of PREMA Racing underscores IndyCar's appeal as a destination for top-tier racing teams seeking a platform to showcase their prowess on a global stage.


PREMA Racing's confirmation of its two-car IndyCar program for the 2025 season marks a significant milestone in the team's illustrious history and signals a new chapter in its pursuit of excellence. The team's decision to venture into American open-wheel racing underscores its ambition to expand its footprint and test its mettle in one of the most fiercely contested championships in the world.

As the motorsport community eagerly anticipates the unfolding of PREMA Racing's IndyCar journey, the team's entry serves as a reminder of the universal allure and enduring appeal of IndyCar racing. By welcoming a renowned international outfit into its ranks, the series continues to cement its status as a magnet for top-tier talent and a platform for captivating wheel-to-wheel action.

With the 2025 season on the horizon, all eyes will be on PREMA Racing as it prepares to unleash its trademark passion and drive in pursuit of success in IndyCar, adding an exciting new dynamic to the series and enhancing the spectacle for racing enthusiasts worldwide.

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