A seller was injured when the vehicle they were attempting to sell was carjacked in the popular news report by WAVE 3. The incident took place on [date] in [location] and has raised concerns about the safety of individuals involved in the process of selling their vehicles.

The Incident

The carjacking occurred in broad daylight when the seller was showing the vehicle to a potential buyer. According to the seller, the potential buyer requested a test drive and then unexpectedly pulled out a weapon and forced the seller out of the vehicle before driving off. The seller sustained injuries during the altercation and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The incident has sparked a wave of fear and concern among individuals who are involved in the process of selling their vehicles. Many are questioning the safety protocols and precautions that should be taken when dealing with potential buyers.

Safety Tips for Sellers

In light of this incident, it is important for sellers to be aware of safety measures that can help protect them during the process of selling their vehicles. Here are some important safety tips for sellers to consider:

Meet in a Public Place

When arranging to meet a potential buyer, it is important to choose a public and well-lit location for the meeting. This can help deter any potential criminal activity and provide a safer environment for both the seller and the buyer.

Bring a Friend

Bringing a friend or family member along to the meeting can provide an extra layer of security. Having another person present can help deter any potential criminal activity and provide support in case of an emergency.

Trust Your Instincts

If a potential buyer's behavior or requests seem suspicious, it is important to trust your instincts and proceed with caution. If something doesn't feel right, it may be best to reconsider the transaction or seek assistance from law enforcement.

Conduct Research

Before meeting with a potential buyer, it is important to conduct research and gather information about the individual. This can include verifying their contact information, conducting a background check, and asking for references from previous transactions.

Share Details with Someone

Informing a friend or family member about the details of the meeting, including the location, time, and contact information of the potential buyer, can provide an added layer of security. In case of an emergency, having someone who is aware of the meeting details can be beneficial.

Law Enforcement Response

After the carjacking incident, law enforcement officials have emphasized the importance of taking precautions when selling a vehicle. They have advised individuals to be cautious and aware of their surroundings when dealing with potential buyers.

Law enforcement officials are also urging sellers to report any suspicious activity or concerns to the authorities. By being proactive and communicative with law enforcement, sellers can help prevent criminal activity and ensure a safer selling experience.


The carjacking incident has shed light on the potential risks and dangers that sellers face when attempting to sell their vehicles. It is crucial for individuals involved in the selling process to prioritize their safety and take necessary precautions to protect themselves.

By following the safety tips mentioned above and staying vigilant, sellers can reduce the risk of becoming victims of criminal activity. Additionally, the support and partnership of law enforcement can provide sellers with the necessary resources and assistance to ensure a safe and successful selling experience.

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