A black bear in Colorado recently made headlines after it was caught on camera tearing up the interior of a parked car. According to a report from WMTV, the bear's destructive behavior was triggered by the enticing aroma of a bag of M&M's left inside the vehicle.

The incident, which was captured on video, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of securing food and other attractants when in bear country. It also underscores the sheer power and curiosity of these wild animals, as well as the potential consequences of human-bear interactions.

The Bear's Rampage

The video, which quickly went viral after being shared on social media, shows the bear first inspecting the exterior of the car before moving on to the driver's side door. After a few curious sniffs, the bear manages to open the door and gain access to the interior of the vehicle.

Once inside, the bear seems to immediately zero in on the source of the irresistible smell â€" a bag of M&M's. In its quest to reach the tasty treat, the bear proceeds to wreak havoc on the car's interior, tearing apart the seats and dashboard in the process.

The entire ordeal was captured on the car's security camera, providing a chilling glimpse of the bear's brute strength and determination to obtain the sugary snack.

A Cautionary Tale

While the video offers a fascinating â€" and somewhat terrifying â€" glimpse into the behavior of wild bears, it also serves as a cautionary tale for those living or traveling in bear country.

Experts have long warned of the potential dangers of leaving food, garbage, or other attractants accessible to bears, as it can lead to habituation and potentially dangerous encounters. The incident involving the bear and the M&M's serves as a vivid illustration of how quickly a seemingly harmless situation can escalate when humans and bears intersect.

Understanding Bear Behavior

Black bears, like the one seen in the video, are known for their keen sense of smell and powerful jaws. Their ability to perceive scents from long distances makes them especially susceptible to the allure of food items, whether they are properly stored or left unattended.

Additionally, bears are naturally curious creatures and may investigate unfamiliar objects or scents in their environment. This combination of olfactory acuity and innate curiosity can spell trouble when humans inadvertently leave behind temptations like food or trash.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding bear behavior and taking proactive measures to prevent potentially dangerous interactions.

Bear-Proofing Strategies

In bear country, it is crucial for residents and visitors to take proactive steps to minimize the chances of attracting bears to their property or belongings. This includes securing trash in bear-resistant containers, storing food in bear-proof containers, and minimizing the availability of other attractants such as bird feeders or pet food.

When hiking, camping, or engaging in outdoor activities, it is equally important to adhere to bear-aware practices, such as properly storing food and disposing of waste in designated containers. This not only helps to protect wildlife but also minimizes the risk of dangerous encounters between humans and bears.

Human-Bear Conflict

The incident with the bear and the M&M's highlights the potential for conflict between humans and bears, particularly in areas where their habitats overlap. While bears are an essential part of the ecosystem and play a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, their interactions with humans can sometimes lead to negative outcomes for both parties.

In cases where bears become habituated to human food sources, they may lose their natural wariness of humans and become dependent on handouts. This can result in increased encounters and potential conflicts, putting both humans and bears at risk. Furthermore, habituated bears often face negative consequences, such as being relocated or euthanized, due to safety concerns.

By taking proactive steps to prevent bear interactions and promote coexistence, individuals can help reduce the likelihood of potentially dangerous encounters and ensure the safety of both humans and bears.

Bear Safety Guidelines

For those living or traveling in bear country, it is essential to familiarize themselves with bear safety guidelines and best practices. This includes understanding how to avoid attracting bears, how to respond in the event of a bear encounter, and how to responsibly enjoy outdoor activities in bear habitat.

Additionally, it is crucial to stay informed about local wildlife regulations and recommendations, as well as to educate others about the importance of respecting wildlife and minimizing human-bear interactions.


The video of the bear tearing up a car interior in pursuit of a bag of M&M's serves as a striking reminder of the importance of bear safety and responsible wildlife management. It underscores the potential consequences of human carelessness in bear country and the need for proactive measures to mitigate the risk of dangerous encounters.

As we continue to coexist with wildlife, it is vital to respect their natural behaviors and habitats, and to take steps to minimize human-bear interactions. By doing so, we can help ensure the safety of both humans and bears while preserving the delicate balance of our natural ecosystems.

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