May 28, 2024

Connecticut Attorney General's Office

The Connecticut Attorney General's Office has filed a lawsuit against a Naugatuck car dealership, alleging deceptive sales practices and the sale of potentially unsafe vehicles.

Allegations of Deceptive Sales Tactics

The lawsuit claims that the dealership, identified as "ABC Motors," engaged in a pattern of deceptive sales tactics, including:

  • False Advertising: Misrepresenting the condition and features of vehicles in advertisements.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Luring customers with advertised vehicles that were not available, then pressuring them to purchase other, more expensive cars.
  • High-Pressure Sales: Using aggressive sales tactics to induce customers into signing contracts for vehicles they did not fully understand.
  • Unfair Financing: Offering financing with deceptive terms, such as hidden fees and inflated interest rates.

Potentially Unsafe Vehicles

The Attorney General's Office also alleges that the dealership sold vehicles that were potentially unsafe, including cars with:

  • Faulty Brakes: Vehicles with worn brake pads or rotors that could compromise braking ability.
  • Malfunctioning Airbags: Vehicles with defective airbags that could fail to deploy in a crash.
  • Structural Damage: Vehicles with undisclosed frame damage or rust that could affect their safety in the event of an accident.

Consumer Protection Concerns

The Attorney General's lawsuit highlights the importance of consumer protection in the automotive industry. Deceptive sales practices and the sale of unsafe vehicles can have serious consequences for consumers, including:

  • Financial losses from purchasing vehicles that are not as advertised or are unsafe.
  • Physical harm or death from driving vehicles with safety defects.
  • Loss of trust in the car dealership industry.

Enforcement Actions

The Attorney General's Office is seeking the following remedies from the lawsuit:

  • Injunction: Prohibiting the dealership from engaging in deceptive sales practices and selling unsafe vehicles.
  • Civil Penalties: Imposing fines on the dealership for violating consumer protection laws.
  • Restitution: Ordering the dealership to compensate consumers who were harmed by its actions.
  • Suspension or Revocation of License: Suspending or revoking the dealership's license to operate in Connecticut.

Warning to Consumers

The Attorney General's Office advises consumers to be cautious when purchasing vehicles from this dealership and from any car dealership. Consumers should:

  • Research the dealership: Check reviews and complaints online before making a purchase.
  • Get a Vehicle History Report: Obtain a vehicle history report to check for accidents, previous owners, and any potential safety issues.
  • Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection: Have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic before signing a contract.
  • Read Contracts Carefully: Thoroughly review any contracts before signing to ensure you fully understand the terms and obligations.
  • Report Concerns: If you have concerns about a car dealership, contact the Connecticut Attorney General's Office at 860-808-5318.

The Connecticut Attorney General's Office is committed to protecting consumers from deceptive sales practices and unsafe vehicles. By taking enforcement actions against car dealerships that violate the law, the Attorney General's Office helps ensure a fair and safe automotive marketplace.

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