A horrifying incident unfolded in Pueblo, Colorado, where a toddler was left with severe burns after his father fled from the police and set their vehicle on fire with the child still inside, with 90 percent of his body suffering burns.

The father, identified as 39-year-old Stephen R. Casaus, is facing multiple charges, including attempted first-degree murder, first-degree arson, and several other offenses related to the chase and fire that left the toddler with life-threatening injuries.

The Chilling Incident

The dramatic events took place on Friday, November 26, 2021, when law enforcement officers attempted to pull over Casaus in a stolen SUV. Instead of complying with the police, the father fled, leading to a high-speed chase. According to the authorities, the pursuit was called off for safety reasons, but another officer spotted the stolen vehicle a short time later.

This time, Casaus stopped the vehicle, grabbed his 2-year-old son, and set the interior of the SUV on fire before trying to flee the scene on foot. Pueblo Police Chief Troy Davenport described the actions of the father as "intentional" and "egregious."

The child was rescued from the burning vehicle by the officers who arrived at the scene shortly after the fire was set. Following the harrowing ordeal, the toddler was rushed to a local hospital before being airlifted to a burn center in Texas to receive critical care for the extensive burns covering 90 percent of his body.

Charges Against the Father

Casaus is currently in police custody, facing a plethora of charges in connection with the disturbing incident. In addition to the attempted murder and arson charges, he is also being accused of felony menacing, vehicular eluding, and multiple warrants for his arrest.

The authorities have stressed the seriousness of the charges facing Casaus, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the immense danger he posed to his son during the high-speed chase and the subsequent act of setting the vehicle on fire.

Background of the Father

Details about Casaus's background and circumstances leading up to the tragic events have yet to be fully disclosed by the authorities. However, it has been reported that the father has a criminal history, including previous run-ins with the law.

The motive behind Casaus's actions and the exact circumstances that led to the chase and the subsequent attempt to harm his child remain under investigation as law enforcement officials continue their efforts to piece together the events and gather all pertinent information related to the case.

The Child's Current Condition

The 2-year-old boy, who has not been publicly identified, is currently fighting for his life as he receives intensive medical treatment for the severe burns he sustained. The extent of his injuries and the long-term implications of the burns remain unclear at this time, as the child continues to be closely monitored by medical professionals at the burn center.

The community in Pueblo, as well as individuals across the country who have been touched by the heartbreaking news, have expressed shock and concern for the well-being of the young child. Many have sent their thoughts and prayers to the toddler and his family, hoping for his recovery and reflecting on the abhorrent nature of the incident.

Legal Proceedings and Community Response

As the case against Casaus progresses, local prosecutors are expected to pursue the most severe penalties possible given the gravity of the charges and the impact of the father's actions on the innocent child. The legal proceedings are likely to unfold as the investigation continues and additional details come to light.

In the meantime, the community in Pueblo has been grappling with the tragic event and rallying around the young victim and his family. Efforts to support the child and his loved ones have been underway, with community members and organizations banding together to offer assistance and comfort during this trying time.


The disturbing incident in Pueblo has sent shockwaves through the community and beyond, drawing attention to the dangers of reckless actions and the tragic consequences that can result from such behavior. The young child left with severe burns remains in critical condition, and the father responsible for the horrifying act is facing serious legal repercussions as the investigation unfolds.

As the case continues to develop, the focus remains on supporting the victim and his family and seeking justice for the innocent child who was caught in the midst of a harrowing ordeal. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the responsibility we bear to protect and care for the most vulnerable among us, and the need for swift and decisive action in response to acts of violence and harm.

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