Acura's sedan lineup is facing a significant decline in sales, with the TLX sedan experiencing a particularly severe drop in May 2023.

Overall Sedan Sales Slump

According to data from Motor Intelligence, Acura's total sedan sales plummeted by 44% in May compared to the same month last year. This decline mirrors a broader trend in the automotive industry, as consumers increasingly opt for SUVs and crossovers over traditional sedans.

TLX Suffers Steep Decline

The TLX, Acura's mid-size sedan, bore the brunt of the sales decline. In May, TLX sales plunged by a staggering 76% compared to May 2022. This marks a continuation of the TLX's downward trend, as sales have been declining steadily for several months.

Factors Contributing to the Decline

Several factors are likely contributing to the decline in Acura sedan sales, including:

  • Increased Competition: The sedan market has become increasingly competitive, with a wide range of compelling options from both domestic and foreign automakers.
  • Shift to SUVs: Consumers are increasingly drawn to the practicality, space, and elevated ride height of SUVs and crossovers.
  • Supply Chain Issues: The ongoing global supply chain disruptions have impacted automakers' ability to produce and deliver vehicles, which may have contributed to the decline in sedan sales.

Other Acura Sedan Models Affected

The TLX is not the only Acura sedan to experience a drop in sales. The ILX, the brand's entry-level sedan, saw a 60% decline in May. The RLX, Acura's flagship sedan, also suffered a significant decline, with sales falling by 55%.

Impact on Acura's Lineup

The sharp decline in sedan sales is a major concern for Acura, a brand that has traditionally relied heavily on sedan models. The company has invested heavily in the design, engineering, and marketing of these vehicles, and the declining sales will undoubtedly have financial implications.

Acura's Response

Acura has yet to officially comment on the recent sales decline, but it is likely that the company is exploring strategies to address the issue. This may include exploring new market segments, enhancing the appeal of its sedan models, or adjusting its production and marketing plans.


Acura's sedan sales are facing significant challenges, with the TLX experiencing a particularly steep decline in May. Several factors, including increased competition, the shift to SUVs, and supply chain issues, are likely contributing to this trend. Acura will need to develop and implement effective strategies to address this decline and maintain the vitality of its sedan lineup.

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