In the competitive world of Formula 1, every advantage counts, and every disadvantage can be a hindrance to success. For Williams Racing driver Alex Albon, the 2023 season presented a unique challenge: an overweight car.

The Weighty Woes

The Williams FW45 proved to be an overweight vehicle, weighing in above the minimum limit set by the FIA. This excess weight had a significant impact on the car's performance, reducing its speed and agility.

A Silent Burden

Albon was acutely aware of his car's weight issue, but he kept his frustration in check. "I had to bite my lip," he admitted. "You're going into corners and you're not as quick as you should be."

The overweight car presented a constant hurdle, forcing Albon to adjust his driving style and compromise his potential. "It's a bit disheartening," he said. "You're not really pushing the car to the limit because you're always managing the weight."

Identifying the Culprits

The Williams team worked tirelessly to identify the sources of the excessive weight. They discovered a combination of factors, including design choices and the use of heavy materials.

Stripping Down the Beast

To address the weight issue, Williams embarked on a rigorous weight-saving program. They analyzed every component, removing unnecessary parts and replacing heavy materials with lighter alternatives.

Gradual Progress

The weight-saving efforts yielded gradual but tangible results. Albon reported noticeable improvements in the car's handling and speed. "The car is definitely moving in the right direction," he said.

Still a Work in Progress

Despite the progress made, the Williams FW45 remains an overweight car. The team is continuing its weight-saving efforts, aiming to bring the weight down to the minimum limit and unlock the full potential of the vehicle.

Albon's Patience and Resilience

Albon's patience and resilience in the face of an overweight car have been commendable. He has remained focused on extracting the maximum performance from his flawed machine.

"You have to be a bit more creative," he said. "You have to find different ways to get around the problem."

Hope for the Future

Williams Racing is determined to overcome the weight issue and field a competitive car in the future. The team's engineers are confident that they can make significant progress in the upcoming seasons.


Alex Albon's experience with the overweight Williams FW45 highlights the challenges drivers face when they are saddled with a suboptimal car. Despite the limitations, Albon has demonstrated his skill and determination, showcasing his ability to adapt and overcome adversity.

Williams Racing's ongoing weight-saving efforts signal their commitment to improving the car's performance and providing Albon with a more capable machine. As the team continues to strive for progress, Albon will be at the forefront, pushing his overweight car to its limits and hoping for a brighter future.

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