Transaction Overview

Ascension Advisory, a leading commercial real estate advisory firm, successfully orchestrated the sale-leaseback of a brand-new Dirty Dog's Car Wash facility in Woodstock, Georgia. The transaction, valued at $6.2 million, involved the sale of the property to a private investor and a long-term leaseback agreement with Dirty Dog's Car Wash.

Property Details

The newly constructed car wash facility encompasses approximately 3,600 square feet and is situated on a 0.92-acre lot. It features state-of-the-art equipment, including a touchless automatic car wash tunnel, self-serve bays, and detailing services. The property is strategically located in a high-traffic retail corridor, ensuring optimal visibility and exposure for Dirty Dog's Car Wash.

Lease Terms

Dirty Dog's Car Wash entered into a long-term lease agreement with the new property owner, securing the continued operation of its car wash business at the location. The lease terms provide for a stable rental income stream, ensuring the investor's return on investment.

Ascension Advisory's Role

Ascension Advisory played a pivotal role in facilitating this transaction. The firm's team of experts guided both the seller and buyer through every stage of the process, providing advisory services, market analysis, and transaction negotiation. As a trusted advisor in the commercial real estate industry, Ascension Advisory consistently delivers tailored solutions to meet the specific objectives of its clients.

Benefits to Dirty Dog's Car Wash

The sale-leaseback transaction allows Dirty Dog's Car Wash to unlock significant capital while maintaining control over its operations. The proceeds from the sale will enable the company to expand its business by investing in new locations and enhancing its existing services. The long-term lease agreement provides a stable and predictable operating environment, allowing Dirty Dog's Car Wash to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Benefits to the Investor

The acquisition of the Dirty Dog's Car Wash property provides the investor with a secure and income-generating asset. The long-term lease with a reputable tenant ensures a steady stream of rental payments, minimizing investment risk. The property's strategic location and the strong demand for car wash services in the area contribute to its potential for long-term appreciation.

Market Insight

The commercial real estate market in Woodstock, Georgia, is experiencing robust growth, driven by the city's strong economic indicators and favorable business environment. The retail sector is particularly thriving, with numerous new developments and expansions underway. The addition of a Dirty Dog's Car Wash facility further enhances the city's retail offerings, meeting the increasing demand for convenient and high-quality car wash services.

Industry Outlook

The car wash industry continues to exhibit a positive trajectory, fueled by the growing popularity of touchless and self-serve car wash models. Consumers are increasingly seeking convenient and time-efficient solutions for maintaining their vehicles. Dirty Dog's Car Wash, with its state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional customer service, is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing market demand.


Ascension Advisory's successful facilitation of the $6.2 million build-to-suit sale-leaseback transaction for Dirty Dog's Car Wash in Woodstock, Georgia, exemplifies the firm's expertise in commercial real estate advisory services. The transaction benefits both parties involved, unlocking capital for Dirty Dog's Car Wash and providing a secure investment opportunity for the investor. The newly constructed car wash facility further enhances the retail landscape of Woodstock and caters to the growing demand for convenient and high-quality car wash services in the area.

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