In a peculiar incident that has left a local woman flabbergasted, a black bear broke into her car in a remote part of Northern Ontario, causing significant damage before deciding to take a leisurely nap in the back seat.

The incident occurred on a recent evening as the woman, identified only as Becky, was returning to her residence after a day of fishing. As she approached her driveway, she noticed something amiss with her vehicle, a 2015 Honda Civic.

Upon closer inspection, Becky discovered that the passenger-side window had been shattered, and the interior of the car was in a state of disarray. Scattered across the seats and floor were remnants of upholstery, broken plastic components, and various personal belongings.

Bewildered, Becky cautiously peered into the car and was met with an unexpected sight: a large black bear sprawled across the back seat, fast asleep. The animal, oblivious to Becky's presence, snored peacefully amidst the chaos it had created.

Becky's initial astonishment quickly gave way to a mixture of amusement and frustration. She realized that the bear had likely stumbled upon her car with the window slightly ajar and, tempted by the warmth and shelter within, had decided to make itself at home.

Armed with only her cell phone for communication, Becky called the authorities. As she waited for help to arrive, she took several photographs of the surreal scene, capturing the bear's slumbering form through the shattered window.

Within minutes, conservation officers arrived on the scene and approached the car with caution. They confirmed that the animal was indeed a black bear and that it appeared to be non-aggressive.

After carefully assessing the situation, the officers decided to leave the bear undisturbed. They explained to Becky that it was best not to startle the animal, as it could potentially become agitated and cause further damage.

With the bear still peacefully snoozing in her car, Becky had no choice but to wait. She spent the next several hours sitting in her driveway, keeping an eye on the situation and waiting for the bear to awaken on its own accord.

As darkness descended, the bear finally stirred from its slumber. It slowly stretched its limbs, yawning and rubbing its eyes. With a casual indifference, it exited the car and ambled into the surrounding bush, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Becky was relieved to see the bear depart without incident. However, the damage left behind was substantial. The interior of her car was torn apart, requiring extensive repairs. The shattered window, broken upholstery, and damaged plastic components left her with a hefty bill to pay.

Undeterred, Becky took the incident in stride. She joked that it was a unique way to get a car broken into and that she would have to invest in some industrial-strength duct tape to prevent future animal intrusions.

The incident serves as a reminder that wildlife can sometimes behave in unpredictable ways, even in populated areas. Becky, however, is philosophical about the experience, recognizing that it is a part of living in harmony with nature in Northern Ontario.

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