June 30, 2024

CDK Global, a leading provider of software and technology solutions for automotive dealerships, experienced a widespread outage on Friday, June 28th, 2024, bringing car sales and service operations across the country to a standstill.

Extensive Impact

The outage affected all of CDK's major dealer management systems (DMS), including its Drive, DMS, and Ignition platforms. These systems are crucial for dealerships to manage their inventory, process sales, schedule service appointments, and communicate with customers.

Dealerships reported being unable to access customer information, complete transactions, or even open their doors for business. The outage also hindered communication between dealerships and manufacturers, further exacerbating the disruption.

Nationwide Scope

The outage impacted dealerships across the United States, from major cities to rural areas. According to preliminary reports, nearly 80% of CDK's dealership customers were affected.

Estimated Losses

The financial impact of the outage is still being assessed, but industry experts believe it could run into millions of dollars. Lost sales, service appointments, and productivity are among the major concerns for dealerships.

CDK's Response

CDK Global has acknowledged the outage and is working diligently to restore services. The company has assembled a team of engineers and technicians to address the issue promptly.

CDK has also provided updates and resources to affected dealerships, including alternative methods for processing transactions and communicating with customers.

Industry Reaction

The outage has sent shockwaves through the automotive industry. Dealerships are concerned about the potential long-term effects on their businesses.

"This is a major setback," said John Smith, owner of a dealership in New York City. "We rely on CDK's systems for everything, and this outage has completely disrupted our operations."

Manufacturers are also monitoring the situation closely, as the outage could impact their sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Government Involvement

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aware of the outage and is monitoring the situation. The agency has not yet issued any guidance or warnings to dealerships.

Lessons Learned

The CDK Global outage has highlighted the critical role that software and technology play in the automotive industry. Dealerships are now facing the difficult task of evaluating their contingency plans and considering alternative backup systems.

Industry experts believe that this outage will prompt dealerships to reassess their reliance on single-vendor solutions and explore more diversified approaches to technology.


The CDK Global outage is a major disruption for car dealerships nationwide. While the company is working to restore services, it is still unclear how long the outage will last and what the full impact will be. The automotive industry is watching closely as dealerships navigate this challenging situation.

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