On June 25, 2024, the automotive industry was rocked by a significant cyberattack targeting CDK Global, a leading provider of software and data services to car dealerships in the United States. The attack, believed to have been carried out by a sophisticated ransomware group, has disrupted operations at thousands of dealerships across the country.

Scope of the Attack

The attack compromised CDK's Dealership Management System (DMS), a vital software platform used by dealerships to manage sales, inventory, and customer relationships. The ransomware encrypted data and locked dealerships out of accessing their systems, paralyzing their ability to conduct business.

As of June 25, over 4,000 dealerships have been affected by the attack, representing approximately 25% of CDK's customer base. The impact is particularly severe for larger dealership groups, many of whom rely heavily on CDK's software.

Initial Response

CDK immediately responded to the attack by engaging a team of cybersecurity experts and informing its customers. The company urged affected dealerships to disconnect their systems from the internet to prevent further compromise.

CDK has also been working tirelessly to restore service and mitigate the impact of the attack. The company has promised regular updates on its progress through its website and customer support channels.

Impact on Dealerships

The cyberattack has had a devastating impact on affected dealerships. Many have been forced to temporarily close or operate with limited functionality. Sales and service operations have been disrupted, leading to lost revenue and customer inconvenience.

Dealerships are facing numerous challenges as a result of the attack, including:

  • Inability to access sales and inventory data
  • Loss of communication with customers
  • Disruption of financing and insurance processes
  • Inability to process service orders

Industry Concerns

The cyberattack on CDK has raised concerns within the automotive industry about the vulnerability of dealership networks to future attacks. Industry experts have emphasized the need for dealerships to invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect their systems and data.

CDK has acknowledged the need for increased cybersecurity vigilance and has pledged to enhance its security protocols in response to the attack.

Government Investigation

The FBI and other government agencies have launched an investigation into the cyberattack. Authorities are working to determine the source of the attack, identify the responsible parties, and assess the extent of the damage.

Ongoing Recovery

CDK is working around the clock to restore service to affected dealerships. The company has deployed additional resources and is collaborating with cybersecurity experts to contain the attack and mitigate its impact.

Dealerships are eagerly awaiting the restoration of service so they can resume normal operations. However, the full extent of the recovery process is still unknown.


The cyberattack on CDK Global has been a major disruption to the US car dealership industry. The attack has exposed vulnerabilities in dealership networks and highlighted the importance of cybersecurity measures.

CDK and affected dealerships are working diligently to address the impact of the attack and ensure a swift recovery. However, the long-term consequences of the cyberattack remain to be seen.

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