Popular YouTuber Ishowspeed, known for his energetic and often controversial content, has found himself embroiled in a legal dispute with a German car dealership over allegations of fraud and unpaid bills. The incident, which has been widely reported in the media, has cast a shadow over the young star's reputation and raised questions about the ethics of social media influencers.

The Allegations

In a series of videos and posts on social media, a German car dealership named Luxury Motor Group accused Ishowspeed of purchasing a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and failing to make the agreed-upon payments. The dealership claimed that Ishowspeed had negotiated a monthly lease payment of €2,500 but had only made a single payment of €2,000 before disappearing with the vehicle.

Ishowspeed's Response

Ishowspeed has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming that he has proof of making the payments and that the dealership is attempting to extort money from him. He has also accused the dealership of racial profiling and attempted to discredit their claims by posting a video in which he allegedly makes a €2,500 payment to the dealership.

Investigation and Legal Proceedings

The German authorities have launched an investigation into the matter, and the dealership has filed a criminal complaint against Ishowspeed. The YouTuber has been ordered to appear in court in Germany to face charges, but he has refused to leave the United States, citing concerns about his safety and the possibility of being extradited to another country.

Impact on Ishowspeed's Career

The allegations have had a significant impact on Ishowspeed's career. Several brands have suspended their partnerships with him, and his reputation has been tarnished. Some fans have also expressed disappointment and anger, questioning his integrity and trustworthiness.

Ethical Considerations

The Ishowspeed car dealer scandal has raised important ethical questions about the role of social media influencers. Critics argue that influencers have a responsibility to be honest and transparent with their followers, and that they should not engage in deceptive or unethical behavior. They also point out that Ishowspeed's actions, if proven true, could have serious consequences for the car dealership and its employees.

Legal Implications

If Ishowspeed is found guilty of fraud or theft, he could face significant legal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. The case could also set a precedent for how social media influencers are held accountable for their actions.


The Ishowspeed car dealer scandal is a complex and ongoing story that has raised important questions about ethics, legal responsibility, and the role of social media influencers. While Ishowspeed has denied the allegations and the investigation is still ongoing, the incident has highlighted the need for greater transparency and accountability in the social media landscape.

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