On a fateful day in June 2024, a man in Daviess County became the victim of a tragic road incident, sustaining serious injuries after being struck by an automobile.

Incident Details

The incident unfolded at approximately 7:30 PM on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. As per preliminary reports from law enforcement officials, the man was walking along a roadway in the vicinity of State Route 57 and County Road 540.

The Collision

For reasons still under investigation, a vehicle operated by a local resident inadvertently struck the man. The impact sent the pedestrian flying several feet, resulting in severe injuries.

Emergency Response

Emergency responders arrived promptly at the scene and provided immediate medical assistance to the victim. The man, who has not yet been publicly identified, was rushed to Deaconess Hospital in Owensboro for further treatment.

Extent of Injuries

According to medical personnel, the man sustained multiple injuries, including severe head trauma, broken bones, and internal bleeding. He remains hospitalized in critical condition as medical professionals strive to stabilize his health.


Law enforcement authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The driver of the vehicle is cooperating with the investigation, and all aspects of the collision are being scrutinized to determine its exact cause.

Witnesses Sought

Investigators are appealing to the public for any witnesses who may have observed the incident or have any pertinent information that could assist in the inquiry. Individuals with relevant details are urged to contact the Daviess County Sheriff's Office immediately.

Community Impact

The news of the man's hospitalization has cast a somber pall over the Daviess County community. Residents expressed their shock and sadness, offering prayers for the victim's recovery and support to his loved ones.

Support for the Victim

Friends and family of the injured man have established a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses and provide financial assistance during this difficult time. The community has rallied around the man, offering words of encouragement and donating funds to ease the burden on his loved ones.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing, with law enforcement officials working diligently to determine the exact sequence of events and identify any factors that may have contributed to the collision. The Sheriff's Office is committed to providing timely updates on the investigation's progress and ensuring that all responsible parties are held accountable.

Road Safety Message

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety. Pedestrians and motorists alike are urged to exercise caution and obey traffic laws to prevent such incidents from occurring. Drivers should be vigilant in looking out for pedestrians, particularly in low-light conditions. Pedestrians, in turn, should use designated crosswalks and avoid walking along roadways when possible. By working together, we can create a safer environment for all road users.

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