Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y vehicles have encountered a widespread issue affecting their key fobs. These fobs play a crucial role in locking and unlocking the cars, as well as starting them. However, many owners have reported problems with the fobs losing connectivity, rendering them unable to access or operate their vehicles.

Extent of the Problem

The issue has affected a significant number of Model 3 and Model Y owners. Numerous complaints have surfaced on Tesla forums and social media platforms, indicating that it is a widespread problem. The exact number of vehicles impacted remains unknown, but it is clear that the issue is far from isolated.

Symptoms and Consequences

The connectivity issues manifest in various ways. Some owners have reported that their fobs intermittently fail to connect to their vehicles, while others have experienced complete loss of connectivity. This can lead to several inconveniences, including being unable to:

  • Lock or unlock the car remotely
  • Start the car using the keyless entry system
  • Use the Tesla app to control the car remotely

Potential Causes

Tesla has yet to officially acknowledge or address the issue. However, speculation among owners and automotive experts suggests several possible causes:

  • Software Glitches: The fobs may be experiencing software glitches that disrupt their communication with the vehicles.
  • Hardware Issues: There may be hardware defects in the fobs or the corresponding receivers in the vehicles.
  • Environmental Factors: Extreme temperatures or electromagnetic interference could potentially affect the fobs' connectivity.

Tesla's Response and Solutions

Despite the widespread reports, Tesla has not publicly commented on the issue or issued a recall. Some owners have reported receiving replacement fobs, while others have been advised to perform troubleshooting steps. However, these solutions have not been universally successful.

Impact on Owners

The connectivity issues have caused considerable inconvenience and frustration for Tesla owners. Some have been stranded without access to their vehicles, while others have experienced delays or difficulties in starting their cars. The situation has led to complaints and inquiries to Tesla customer support.

Safety Concerns

The issue raises safety concerns. If the key fob loses connectivity while the vehicle is in motion, the driver may be unable to lock the doors or use the emergency exit. This could pose a potential hazard in the event of an accident or emergency.


The connectivity issues affecting Tesla Model 3 and Model Y key fobs are a serious problem that has affected numerous owners. While Tesla has yet to officially acknowledge or address the issue, it is clear that a significant number of vehicles have been impacted. The potential causes range from software glitches to hardware defects, and the problem can lead to inconvenience, frustration, and even safety concerns. Owners who encounter these issues are advised to contact Tesla customer support and seek a solution.

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