Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda, an ardent automotive enthusiast and motorsport aficionado, recently experienced a setback during a testing session for the GR Yaris rally car. While pushing the limits of the vehicle's performance, Toyoda lost control and flipped the car.

The incident occurred at a private test track in Japan, where Toyoda was evaluating the GR Yaris's handling and performance characteristics. While executing a high-speed maneuver, the car's rear end snapped out, causing Toyoda to lose control. The GR Yaris rolled over several times before coming to a stop.

Fortunately, Toyoda emerged from the crash unscathed, but the GR Yaris sustained significant damage. The extent of the damage is still being assessed, but it is likely that the car will require extensive repairs.

This incident highlights the inherent risks associated with motorsport and the importance of driver safety. Despite the setback, Toyoda remains committed to developing and improving the GR Yaris, a car that he himself played a pivotal role in creating.

Toyoda's Passion for Motorsport

Akio Toyoda's passion for motorsport is well-known within the automotive industry. He is a regular participant in various racing events and has even competed in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. In addition to his personal racing endeavors, Toyoda is also a strong advocate for the development of Toyota's motorsport programs.

Under Toyoda's leadership, Toyota has achieved significant success in motorsport, including multiple victories in the World Rally Championship and Le Mans Prototype 1 class. Toyoda's commitment to motorsport has not only benefited Toyota's racing efforts but has also contributed to the development of innovative technologies that have found their way into Toyota's road cars.

The GR Yaris

The GR Yaris is a homologation special developed by Toyota to compete in the World Rally Championship. It is a lightweight, high-performance car that is powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder engine producing 257 horsepower. The GR Yaris features advanced all-wheel-drive system and rally-tuned suspension, making it a formidable competitor on gravel stages.

Toyoda has been heavily involved in the development of the GR Yaris, and his personal feedback has been instrumental in shaping the car's performance characteristics. The GR Yaris has received critical acclaim for its handling, performance, and overall driving experience.

Safety in Motorsport

Motorsport is an inherently dangerous activity, and crashes can occur at any time. While safety measures have improved significantly in recent years, it is impossible to eliminate all risks. Drivers must be aware of the risks involved and take appropriate precautions to minimize the chances of injury.

In the case of Akio Toyoda's crash, the safety features of the GR Yaris, including its roll cage and racing seat, likely played a role in protecting him from serious injury. However, it is a reminder that even experienced drivers can be involved in accidents.


Akio Toyoda's crash during testing of the GR Yaris rally car is a sobering reminder of the risks associated with motorsport. However, it is also a testament to Toyoda's passion for the sport and his commitment to developing and improving Toyota's motorsport programs. Despite the setback, Toyoda remains optimistic about the GR Yaris and its potential to succeed in competition.

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