Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe (TGR-E), the European arm of Toyota's global motorsports program, has transformed its engineering and operations by leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This collaboration has enabled TGR-E to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, performance, and innovation.

Data-Driven Optimization

At the heart of TGR-E's AWS-powered transformation lies its data-driven approach. The team has integrated AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Redshift, to create a comprehensive data platform. This platform ingests vast amounts of data from multiple sources, including track telemetry, vehicle diagnostics, and race simulations.

Using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, TGR-E engineers can analyze data in real time, gaining insights into vehicle performance, driver behavior, and race strategy. This enables them to identify areas for improvement and optimize their vehicles and race operations continuously. For example, by analyzing data from previous races, engineers can identify patterns and develop predictive models that help them anticipate and mitigate potential issues.

Enhanced Simulations

AWS also empowers TGR-E to conduct advanced simulations, accelerating the development and validation of new vehicles and technologies. The team leverages AWS EC2 and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to run complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, which provide detailed insights into aerodynamic performance.

By leveraging AWS's massive compute resources, TGR-E can perform simulations on a scale previously unattainable. This allows them to explore multiple design iterations rapidly, reducing the time and cost of development. Moreover, the team can leverage AWS's high-performance storage services, such as Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), to store and retrieve the massive data sets generated by simulations seamlessly.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

TGR-E has also implemented AWS Internet of Things (IoT) services to monitor and control its vehicles in real time during races. The team deploys AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass to connect sensors throughout the vehicle, collecting data on engine temperature, tire pressure, and other critical parameters.

This real-time data streaming enables TGR-E engineers to monitor vehicle performance remotely and make adjustments as necessary. For instance, if a sensor detects an issue, the team can use AWS IoT to send commands to the vehicle to adjust settings or even activate safety protocols. This proactive approach enhances safety and optimizes vehicle performance on the racetrack.

Collaboration and Innovation

AWS has also facilitated collaboration and innovation within the TGR-E team. Using AWS Collaboration Services, engineers can share data, models, and insights seamlessly, enabling them to work effectively across functions and locations.

Furthermore, TGR-E has established a cloud-based innovation hub on AWS to foster collaboration between engineers, designers, and technical partners. This hub provides a platform for exploring new ideas, experimenting with emerging technologies, and developing cutting-edge solutions for motorsports.

Accelerated Time to Market

By leveraging AWS, TGR-E has significantly accelerated its time to market for new vehicles and technologies. The team can iterate quickly, test new concepts, and deploy production-ready solutions rapidly, thanks to the agility and scalability of AWS.

The ability to simulate, test, and validate new designs and strategies in a virtual environment has enabled TGR-E to reduce the time and cost associated with traditional physical testing. By incorporating data-driven insights into the development process, the team can optimize designs with greater precision, leading to improved performance and faster innovation cycles.

Proven Success on the Track

TGR-E's partnership with AWS has translated into tangible successes on the racetrack. The team has achieved top podium finishes and championships in various motorsports competitions, including the World Endurance Championship (WEC), the European Le Mans Series (ELMS), and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The team's ability to leverage data, simulations, and real-time monitoring has given them a significant competitive advantage, enabling them to outpace rivals and consistently perform at the highest level.


Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe has transformed its engineering and operations by embracing the power of AWS. The team's innovative use of data, simulations, and real-time monitoring has enabled it to achieve significant improvements in efficiency, performance, and innovation. As TGR-E continues to push the boundaries of motorsports, AWS will continue to be an indispensable partner in its pursuit of success on and off the track.

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