CDK Global, a leading automotive software provider, recently fell victim to a sophisticated cyberattack that has disrupted its services and impacted its customers. The attack targeted the company's core systems, affecting both its in-house operations and those of its clients.

Initial Impact

The attack rendered several critical systems inaccessible, leading to widespread disruptions in the company's operations and services. CDK's websites, cloud-based applications, and on-premises systems were all impacted, leaving customers unable to access essential functions such as vehicle sales management, service scheduling, and parts ordering.

Mitigation and Recovery Efforts

Immediately following the attack, CDK Global initiated a comprehensive recovery plan. The company engaged its cybersecurity team and external experts to contain the breach, manage the damage, and restore systems.

Current Status

As of the latest update, CDK Global has made significant progress in restoring its systems and services. However, some systems remain affected, and recovery efforts are still ongoing.

Restored Systems

CDK Global has successfully restored the following systems:

  • DMS (Dealer Management System): Includes core functionality for vehicle sales, service, and parts management.
  • Cloud-Based Applications: This includes a suite of cloud-based applications for dealership operations, such as CRM, marketing, and finance tools.
  • On-Premises Systems: Certain on-premises systems have been restored, enabling customers to access key functions essential for their business operations.

Systems Still Impacted

Despite the progress made, some systems remain impacted and continue to experience disruptions. These include:

  • CDK Website: The CDK Global website remains offline as the company works to rebuild the affected systems.
  • Certain Cloud-Based Applications: Some cloud-based applications are still experiencing issues, including those related to vehicle inventory management and reporting.
  • Specific On-Premises Systems: Certain on-premises systems are undergoing repairs to address the impact of the attack.

Customer Impact

The cyberattack has had a significant impact on CDK's customers, who have experienced disruptions in their daily operations. Dealerships have been unable to process vehicle sales, schedule service appointments, or order parts.

Support for Customers

CDK Global is actively working with its customers to minimize the impact of the attack and support business continuity. The company has established dedicated support channels and resources to assist customers in addressing any issues related to the disruption.

Next Steps

CDK Global continues to prioritize the restoration of all affected systems. The company is working around the clock to address the remaining issues and return its services to full functionality.


CDK Global has committed to keeping its customers informed throughout the recovery process. Regular updates are being provided through the company's website, social media channels, and direct communication with affected customers.


CDK Global is actively working to mitigate the impact of the cyberattack and restore its services. While progress has been made in restoring certain systems, recovery efforts are still ongoing. The company is committed to providing timely updates and supporting its customers during this challenging time.

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