Fisker Inc., the electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced a new strategy to sell its remaining Ocean SUVs in bulk. This move comes after the company revised its production plans, resulting in surplus inventory.


Fisker initially planned to produce 50,000 Ocean SUVs in 2023, with the goal of gradually increasing production to 200,000 units per year. However, due to various factors, including supply chain disruptions and production delays, Fisker adjusted its production target downward.

Selling Strategy

As a result of the revised production schedule, Fisker now has a surplus of unsold Ocean SUVs. To address this situation, the company has devised a plan to sell the remaining vehicles in bulk to fleet operators, rental car companies, and other interested buyers.

Fleet Sales

Fisker is targeting fleet operators such as ride-sharing services, taxi companies, and corporate fleets. These buyers typically require large quantities of vehicles at a competitive price. Fisker believes its Ocean SUV, with its combination of range, performance, and affordability, makes it an attractive option for fleet operators.

Rental Car Partnerships

Fisker is also exploring partnerships with rental car companies. Rental car companies often acquire large fleets of vehicles to meet customer demand. By partnering with rental car companies, Fisker can broaden its reach and make its Ocean SUV available to a wider audience.

Bulk Sales

In addition to fleet sales and rental car partnerships, Fisker is also offering its remaining Ocean SUVs for sale in bulk to other interested buyers. This could include businesses, government agencies, or individuals looking to purchase multiple vehicles at once.

Benefits of Bulk Sales

Selling its remaining Ocean SUVs in bulk provides several benefits for Fisker:

  • Reduced Costs: Bulk sales typically offer lower per-unit prices, reducing Fisker's carrying costs associated with the unsold inventory.
  • Accelerated Sales: Selling vehicles in bulk allows Fisker to clear out its remaining inventory more quickly, freeing up capital and space for future production.
  • Expanded Market Reach: By targeting fleet operators and rental car companies, Fisker can reach new customer segments and promote its Ocean SUV.


Fisker has not announced a specific timeline for the bulk sales of its Ocean SUVs. However, the company has indicated that it expects to begin the process in the coming months.


Fisker's decision to sell its remaining Ocean SUVs in bulk represents a strategic move to address its surplus inventory. By targeting fleet operators, rental car companies, and other bulk buyers, Fisker aims to clear out unsold vehicles, reduce costs, and expand its market reach. This move is expected to help Fisker optimize its operations and position itself for future growth.

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