Incident Overview:

In a bizarre twist of events, car thieves in Atlanta inadvertently kidnapped a sleeping passenger who was hidden in the backseat of the vehicle. The victim, identified as 21-year-old Justin Martin, was unaware of the vehicle's theft until after the thieves drove away.

Timeline of Events:

  • 9:00 PM: Justin Martin parks his vehicle in the driveway of his residence and enters his home.
  • 9:15 PM: Two unidentified individuals approach the vehicle and break into it using unknown means.
  • 9:20 PM: The thieves start the vehicle and drive away, unaware of Justin's presence in the backseat.
  • 10:00 PM: Justin wakes up, initially assuming his father had borrowed the car. However, after realizing the true nature of the situation, he calls 911.
  • 10:30 PM: Police locate the stolen vehicle and apprehend the suspects. Justin is safely recovered.

The Journey:

Justin Martin spent the next forty minutes in the backseat of the stolen vehicle as the thieves drove aimlessly around the city. Oblivious to his presence, they engaged in conversations and made several stops, including a fast-food restaurant.

Details of the Thieves:

The suspects arrested in connection with the car theft and kidnapping were two young men in their early 20s. Their identities have not been released, and they remain in police custody pending further investigation.

Justin's Experience:

Justin Martin described his experience as surreal and terrifying. Initially confused and disoriented, he eventually realized the gravity of his situation and feared for his life. He remained hidden and quiet throughout the ordeal, hoping to avoid detection.

Police Investigation:

Upon recovering the stolen vehicle, police found evidence of attempted burglary at Justin's residence, suggesting that the thieves may have targeted his home specifically. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and further details are expected to be released in the coming days.

Implications and Consequences:

The incident highlights the importance of vigilance and vehicle security. It also raises questions about the motives of the thieves and their potential for violence. The suspects face charges of car theft and kidnapping, both of which carry serious penalties.


The kidnapping of Justin Martin by car thieves was an extraordinary and alarming event. It serves as a reminder of the dangers that can accompany routine activities such as parking one's vehicle. The swift response of law enforcement and Justin's courage in remaining calm and hidden contributed to the successful resolution of this case.

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