On July 8, 2024, a powerful lightning strike caused severe damage to Season's Performance Auto Repair in Longmont, Colorado. The incident occurred during a summer storm characterized by intense rainfall and electrical activity. The lightning strike ignited a fire that spread rapidly throughout the building, resulting in extensive interior and exterior damage.

Exterior Damage

The lightning bolt struck the roof of the repair facility, causing a significant impact. The high-voltage discharge resulted in a gaping hole in the metal roofing, allowing water and debris to enter the building. The exterior walls also sustained considerable damage from the lightning strike and subsequent fire, with scorching and charring visible throughout. Windows shattered from the intense heat, creating a scene of devastation.

Interior Damage

The interior of Season's Performance Auto Repair bore the brunt of the lightning strike's wrath. The fire blazed through the facility, destroying equipment, tools, and vehicles within. Thick smoke filled the air, causing soot and ash to accumulate throughout the building. The intense heat also warped metal structures, melted plastic components, and left a trail of blackened debris.

Electrical and Mechanical Damage

The electrical and mechanical systems of the building suffered extensive damage from the lightning strike. Wiring and electrical panels were severely scorched, rendering them inoperable. Mechanical components, such as ventilation systems and air conditioning units, were also damaged or destroyed by the fire and water. The building's structural integrity was compromised, necessitating extensive repairs to ensure safety.

Investigation and Response

Firefighters responded quickly to the scene and managed to contain the blaze within an hour, preventing further spread to neighboring buildings. The Longmont Fire Department conducted an investigation to determine the cause of the fire and the extent of the damage. Electrical inspectors were also brought in to assess the safety of the building's electrical systems.

Impact on Business

Season's Performance Auto Repair is a well-established business in the Longmont community, known for its high-quality auto repair services. The lightning strike and subsequent fire have dealt a severe blow to the company's operations. The facility will remain closed indefinitely while repairs are being carried out, resulting in a loss of income and disruption to customers' vehicle repair schedules.

Community Support

The Longmont community has rallied behind Season's Performance Auto Repair in the wake of this devastating event. Local businesses and residents have offered support through donations and well wishes. An online fundraising campaign has been launched to help cover the costs of repairs and support the company during this challenging time.

Rebuilding and Recovery

The owners of Season's Performance Auto Repair are committed to rebuilding their business and restoring their facility to its former glory. They are working closely with contractors and insurance companies to facilitate the repair process as quickly and efficiently as possible. The community is eagerly awaiting the facility's reopening, as it plays a vital role in the automotive maintenance needs of Longmont and the surrounding areas.


The lightning strike that struck Season's Performance Auto Repair was a reminder of the destructive power of nature and the importance of being prepared for such events. The damage caused by the lightning strike and subsequent fire was severe, disrupting the business's operations and impacting the community. However, the resilience of the business owners and the support from the community will be instrumental in the rebuilding and recovery process. Season's Performance Auto Repair is an integral part of the Longmont business landscape, and its return will be welcomed by both customers and the community alike.

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