On February 15, 2023, CDK Global, a leading provider of automotive technology solutions, fell victim to a significant cyberattack. The attack resulted in widespread outages and disruptions across the company's software platforms, primarily used by car dealerships in the United States. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the incident, its impact, and the ongoing restoration efforts undertaken by CDK Global.

Impact of the Cyberattack

The cyberattack has had a far-reaching impact on CDK Global's customers, including car dealerships and other automotive businesses. The company's DMS (dealer management system) and DMS-related solutions, such as accounting, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM), were particularly affected. Dealerships have reported experiencing difficulties in processing sales, servicing vehicles, and communicating with customers.

Extensive Outage and Restoration Timeline

The initial attack led to an extensive outage of CDK Global's platforms, disrupting operations at dealerships nationwide. The company has been working tirelessly to restore services, but the process has been challenging and time-consuming.

CDK Global initially estimated that the restoration process would take several days. However, due to the complexity of the attack and the need to ensure data integrity, the timeline has been extended. As of February 24, 2023, the company has implemented mitigation strategies and is gradually restoring services to its customers.

Communication and Support

During the outage, CDK Global has prioritized communication with its customers to provide regular updates on the restoration progress and offer support. The company has established a dedicated resource center and is also providing direct communication channels for dealerships to access assistance.

Investigative Process

CDK Global has launched a thorough investigation into the cyberattack, working closely with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement agencies. The company is committed to understanding the nature of the attack, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing necessary measures to prevent future incidents.

Impact on Dealerships

The extended outage has posed significant challenges for car dealerships, leading to lost revenue and operational disruptions. Dealerships have had to rely on manual processes and workarounds to maintain some level of functionality.

CDK Global has extended support to dealerships, offering financial assistance and resources to help them navigate the outage and minimize its impact on their businesses.

Mitigation Strategies

To mitigate the effects of the attack, CDK Global has implemented several measures, including:

  • Strengthening security protocols and system configurations
  • Deploying additional security monitoring tools
  • Isolating infected systems and restoring them from backups
  • Working with cybersecurity partners to identify and address vulnerabilities

Data Integrity and Customer Privacy

CDK Global has emphasized that it is taking all necessary steps to ensure the integrity of customer data and privacy. The company has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that customer information has been compromised or accessed by unauthorized parties.

Ongoing Restoration Efforts

As of February 24, 2023, CDK Global is continuing to work diligently to restore services to its customers. The company has made significant progress in resolving the technical issues and is working around the clock to bring its platforms back to full functionality.


The cyberattack on CDK Global has been a significant event with far-reaching implications for the automotive industry. The extensive disruption has impacted car dealerships, causing operational challenges and lost revenue. CDK Global is committed to restoring services and supporting its customers throughout this process. The company's ongoing investigation and mitigation efforts aim to prevent future incidents and improve the resilience of its systems. Customers are encouraged to stay informed and follow the updates provided by CDK Global through their communication channels.

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