In the realm of automotive cleaning and maintenance, Greencore has emerged as a formidable player. Their latest innovation, the Greencore Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator, has garnered significant attention due to its dual functionality. This comprehensive review delves into the product's features, performance, and value for money to provide potential buyers with an informed decision-making basis.

Features and Design

The Greencore Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it convenient for storage and portability. It features a powerful 12V DC motor that generates strong suction power for efficient vacuuming. The device is equipped with a HEPA filter that effectively traps dust, allergens, and other particles, ensuring improved air quality within the vehicle.


The defining characteristic of this product lies in its dual functionality. Besides serving as a highly efficient vacuum cleaner, it also integrates a tire inflation feature. This convenient integration eliminates the need for separate tire inflators, providing versatility and space-saving.

Vacuuming Performance

During testing, the Greencore Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator showcased exceptional vacuuming capabilities. Its strong suction power effortlessly lifted dirt, debris, crumbs, and pet hair from various surfaces, including seats, carpets, and floor mats. The included attachments, such as a crevice tool and brush, allowed for thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and upholstery.

Tire Inflation Performance

The tire inflation feature proved to be equally impressive. The device quickly and accurately inflated a flat tire to the recommended pressure, ensuring safe and optimal driving conditions. The built-in pressure gauge provides real-time feedback, eliminating guesswork and ensuring precise inflation levels.

Ease of Use

Greencore prioritizes user-friendliness in their product design. The Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator is no exception, featuring a straightforward and intuitive operation. The vacuum cleaner's ergonomic handle and lightweight construction minimize strain during extended cleaning sessions. The tire inflation process is equally simple, with straightforward controls and clear pressure readings.

Accessories and Value for Money

The Greencore Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator comes with a comprehensive suite of accessories, including multiple vacuum attachments, an inflation hose, and a carry bag. These accessories enhance the device's versatility and convenience. Considering its dual functionality, performance, and included accessories, the product offers exceptional value for money.

Durability and Warranty

Greencore is committed to product longevity and customer satisfaction. The Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator is constructed from durable materials designed to withstand regular use and storage. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the product's reliability.


The Greencore Car Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tire Inflator is an innovative and versatile automotive cleaning and maintenance tool. Its powerful vacuuming performance, accurate tire inflation capabilities, user-friendly operation, and excellent value for money make it an ideal choice for vehicle owners seeking a comprehensive and effective solution. Whether you need to keep your interior spotless or inflate a flat tire on the go, this device delivers exceptional results with ease and efficiency.

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